Dear Inner Critic, please… SHUT UP!

Dear Inner Critic,

I take the liberty of addressing you in such a direct way because of our long lasting acquaintance.

You have been there for a long time, a constant companion during my whole life. You have been precious, because you taught me that I can always do better, that commitment is the road to success and self-discipline is all I need. By now I’m a master in self-disciplin. However you also taught me to fear others judgement, to fear failure and rejection to the point that I didn’t do anything if I wasn’t sure I could be the best at it.

But life isn’t like that. I can’t choose to turn my back on everything that I’m not sure to know perfectly, and I can’t spend all my time getting ready for every possible negative circumstance. I will never succeed in that.

I know, dear intransigent Inner Critic, you do all of this with the best intentions. You want to protect me from ridicule and derision, from failure and humiliation and I thank you for your kind care. It’s just that school time is over, I finished University (thanks to Good, to my family and to you too, Inner Critic) and now comes a time when I can’t evaluate my success on marks and grades.

I don’t want to dismiss you, but please… can we cooperate?

I’m sure we can. You are so smart that it won’t be difficult to find a way. There is just one little thing you have to acknowledge: I can fail.

Not only I can… I’m sure I will. Sooner or later I’ll fail in something. It happened before and it will happen again, because I’m only human while probably you’re not.

Can you endure my human nature?

I hope to hear from you not so soon.

Youre sincerely, 


Well… I feel much better now. It’s quite liberating! I can’t silence my Inner Minerva McGonnagall completely, but I can manage her better now that I really know her.

What about your Inner Critic/Censor? Is he or she loud and cumbersome? What would you tell him/her if you can?

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think!

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