Searching for a Job #1- When the odyssey begins

You get there. You made it. Finally, you graduated. You have that damned piece of paper on your wall.

Now you are exactly where you wanted to be, you are exactly where you worked so hard to arrive, you are in the place where we all are, at least once in a life time: nowhere.

There is a brief period, after graduation, in which you feel so good. You celebrate with your school mates, with your friends and with your family, you get presents, you party hard, stay up all night, read all the novels you left behind, you do all the things that were put aside because of study. You feel like a person again and not like a psychotic student.

Then that brief period ends. And all that you are left with is a big question mark. What are you going to do now? What are you supposed to do when celebration ends? They never told you about this part. You should still be jumping up and down with joy because, hey, you graduated! But there is something wrong, your perfect happyness starts becoming marked with a slight apprehension.

A few weeks ago you had plenty to do, actually you hadn’t enough time to do all that you was supposed to, you had a purpose, a strong, clear path was traced in front of your feet. Where is that path now? Are you really intended to make a decision? Do you really have the responsibility to build your own future?

Wow, that’s scary. But it’s exciting too!

Unless you are lucky enough to have someone willing to maintain you permanently, you need a job. Possibly one that is related to what you have studied at University, because you don’t want your degree to be useless, right? You know it’s difficult to find a job, even more so if you are searching for the right one for you, but you start feeling good again. Why? Because now you have a plan, you have a purpose again. Filled with new enthusiasm, you sit in front of your laptop and write your curriculum vitae.

That is when the odyssey begins.

In front of the blank page of your laptop, a string of questions suddenly enter your mind: should I use the European format or should I write my CV following my own inspiration? Maybe the European format is the best choice because it’s well organised and recognizable. But maybe selectors and human resource managers are tired of reading piles of CV that seems all alike. I have no or little experience, how should I put this in the best possible light?

You can’t lie in your CV. It’s a stupid thing to do, really. You can’t feign professional competences you don’t have. What if someone asks you to prove your competence and you are not able to? It could be the end of a possible career. No, you can’t lie. But you can’t be too honest too. God, your character is so difficult that no employer would hire you and, now that you think about it, your knowledge seems so fruitless.

You put together a CV somehow. What’s your next move? You should find companies interested in your profile, but how? Maybe you can ask someone… Who?

That’s the problem. You suddenly realise that every person with whom you established a relationship during the past five years is now doing exactly the same thing. In the best situation they are in the same boat as you are, in the worst case they are your competitors.

You need a compass to sail in this unknown sea. Easier said than done.

[… to be continued…]

3 thoughts on “Searching for a Job #1- When the odyssey begins

  1. It’s a hard time, and there is no easy way out. But, as usually, it all depends on you. Until graduation, the path in front of you was somehow designed by someone (your family, the society, …). Now you are all alone at the helm of your boat; or at least I felt that way in that very moment. My problem was that until 30 I was not adult enough to sail even against wind of life 🙂
    I think you will be able to do a better work than mine 🙂


    1. It depends on you and on a certain amount of luck. You can be good at promote yourself, update your knowledge, be scrupulous in examining job allerts, but you also need some luck in delivering your CV in the right place at the right time.
      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!


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