Searching for a Job #2 – Sending CV’s in the jobsphere

You did a great job, you know?

Your CV is ready. You wrote all your personal information, you thoroughly explained what you studied at University and your thesis, you wrote about that little summer job (that it’s not much but it’s a beginning). You also include your knowledge about foreing languages and something as blurry as possible about your relational and technical competences. In the end you check for grammar mistakes and typos (please, do it; they won’t call for a job someone who doesn’t even write accurately his own language).

While writing, some ideas came up to your mind. There’s that company, you know about it because your cousin works there, maybe they need someone. Then you can ask your uncle, he is always out and about for his job, maybe he knows other companies. A friend of yours told you about that place in a nearby town, you should definitely send your CV to them.

Actually, your best resource is the net and I am not only talking about the internet. If we believe the six degrees of separation theory, sooner or later your CV will land in the hands of the right person, in the right company, at the right time. Right? Right.

Putting together the information you get from family, acquaintances, internet and going around searching for suitable palces, you draw a map. Using that map, you can make plans and start delivering your CVs, with the hope that not all of them will become scrap paper (by now you must be down to earth enough not to think that companies are there, only waiting for you to reveal).

During this journey, you’ll land to big companies, with as many gates as Fort Knox and a reception desk, and small companies where you’ll give your CV directly to the chief. You’ll face kind people who will look at you sympatethically and not-so-very-kind people who will look at you with derision for your hopeless cause. At home you’ll surf the internet, searching for the same companies to see if they have a “work with us” contact and send your CV again.

It takes a lot of time and commitment, you have to spend money on paper, ink, fuel, because searching for a job it’s a job itself but you are not paid and you get frustrated most of the times. However you’ll do it, because your job won’t fall out of the sky.

Now that your itinerary is complete, you did all you can by yourself, but there is a further step you can take: put yourself and your CV in the hands of professionals. Work agency and recruitment consultants are there to do what you can’t do, to reach places you can’t reach, to increase your chances. Right?


[…to be continued…] 

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