Searching for a job #3 – Work agencies

After sending your CVs to every company that came up to your mind, you are running out of options and doubts start showing in all their splendor. Maybe you’re doing it wrong. What else can you do to improve your chances? Maybe you should try with professionals.

That’s why you open your laptop and start searching for working agencies in town. Wow, there are even more than expected! You even find agencies that you never heard about! One of them might have the right job for you. So you jot down adresses and phone numbers and begin your tour. Can’t be so difficult, right?

Well, more or less. Some agencies are not open to the public, you have to register on their website and come back to complete the procedure. Some have an opening time from 10.00 am to 10.10 am, every second monday of each month but only with full moon. Other agencies are not open at all, you simply have to register online, check the announcements and put in for the jobs you’re interest into; then why keep an office with five people inside (you know they’re five because you can see them from the shop windows and you have the feeling that they’re laughing at you)?

After a few struggles, you understand everything you need to submit your CV to all these different agencies. You check their websites daily cherishing the hope that something interesting appears but it’s never the right request: you are always too young or too old, too inexperienced or too qualified, too male or too female.

However you don’t despair, because you can’t give up. You have to resist untill finally an announcement that requires someone with your profile pops up. Excitement is the first thing you feel. Then you check all the features required and you relise that you fit in perfectly. Great! First of all you apply for the job on the website, then you call the agency, just to be sure that they safely received your CV. The conversation is something like this:

<< Good morning, I am Jane Doe and I would like to have some information about the announcement I saw on your web site.

<< Yes. You must submit your CV on our online platform.

<< I did it. Can I have some more info about the profile they’re searching for?

<< Well, the colleague who’s dealing with this is not here at the moment. Maybe you can call later.

You call again later.

<< Good afternoon. I called earlier to know something about the announcement on your site.

<< My colleague is on the phone right now. Can you give me your number so that he can call you back?

Obviously this elusive colleague never calls back and you begin doubting he is real. You wait for a few days but nothing happens. You call again and they tell you that:

a) they sent your application to the company and now you have to wait (again) for them to call you.

b) your profile is not adequate for the position (why? nobody ever tells you because the colleague who is dealing with the announcement is always busy somewhere else).

In the mean time you establish a close relationship with your phone, bringing it with you everywhere (even to the toilet), cherishing the hope it rings. Every time you hear your ringtone, you jump on the chair but it’s always your mother/father/boyfriend/girlfriend/aunt/neighbour asking if there are news about the job.

No, there aren’t. Please, stop asking.

Then, if you are lucky and patient enough, that damned thing rings and… it’s someone asking you if you are interested in a job interview. Of course you are, what a question to ask!

You have a chance. A real one. Now a completely different kind of anxiety rises. But this is another story completely.

[…to be continued…]

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