Searching for a job #5 – The disappointment

For a few days after your job interview you swing between great expectations and self-destructive thoughts. One moment you feel good and confident, the next one you have the impression that you did everything wrong during the interview. One moment you are sure that they will never find a better candidate than you, the next one you feel like the worst sort of crap that ever walked on the Earth.

Beside self-pity, another issue occupies your hours: how long will it takes them to decide? When is it reasonable to begin waiting (again) for an answer? A few days? A week? More?

The relationship with your phone is getting closer and closer, you are almost engaged and you are planning a grand wedding. Not only you take it with you everywhere, but you also talk to it and your conversations are contradictory as your feelings.

<< Please, please ring! I need an answer now! Two weeks have passed, please ring!

<< No, do not ring. Not now, I am not ready for refusal. Wait, wait another day or so. I still need a little bit of hope.

As the days come and go without news, you wonder if you should call the company. Maybe they decided for another candidate and they didn’t tell you. It’s your right to know something, just to understand whether to keep waiting or to go on with your life. However it seems risky to call like that, out of the blue. What if they think you are a nuisance after that?

You try to keep calm, to think of other things and occupy your time with everyday life’s issues. You keep searching for job announcements, you apply for each interesting offer you see and wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.



Wait a bit more…

…and then you give up. Two months have passed and by now they must have decided, so if you didn’t received a call it’s because they chose someone else.


…if you are lucky enough, your phone rings. As soon as you recognize the company number, your mouth gets dry, your palms become sweaty and your knees tremble. You pick your phone and answer.

<< Hallo? (the questioning tone is needed)

<< Goodmorning, I am Jane Doe from XXX company. I’m calling just to tell that we completed the interviews and unfortunately we chose another candidate. However we will bear in mind your CV if other opportunities arise.

You do your best to keep your voice steady, say thank you and put your phone down. Disappointment is like a huge weight that places somwhere between your chest and your stomach. You have to admit that you got your hopes up, the same hopes that now are shattered on the floor. You can’t believe that now you need to do it again from the beginning: the research, the waiting, the hope, the waiting again, the interview, the waiting; all of this supposing that you find another suitable request. You feel a complete failure, useless and inconclusive.

Then you regain composure and move to the next source of hope.

[…to be continued???]

Now, dear readers, I should write a post about finally getting a job, shouldn’t I?

As soon as I discover how it feels to pick up the phone and hear << Congrats, you get the job! >>, I’ll write it. I promise.

In the mean time, I want to tell everyone that is in this boat that we are not useless and incoclusive failures. Sooner or later the right opportunity will arise, we just have to keep searching.

Share your story in the comments!

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