Writers it’s time to join the WRiTe CLUB!

Isn’t it strange that, in this era of social media, videos, pictures, softwares and apps, a lot of people still choose to tell their stories by writing? There must be something in the act of writing that it’s attractive to all of those people (and I am one of them).

The difficult part is to gain bravery and self-confidence enough to perform for an audience, to share what you write and endure the inevitable disapproval. Well…

WRiTE CLUB is a perfect opportunity to share your writing anonymously and get feedback, beside a lot of fun.

Clik on this link to learn the rules and how to send your submission!

The subscription are opened untill May the 31th. So, hurry up! After all, you only need a 500 words entry to participate… Do your best!

Share your story in the comments!

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