Forbidden love – Writing Prompt #3

Hello readers and happy Monday!

Today I’m going to choose another Writing Prompt from Writers Write about an antagonist. Last week I wrote about what my antagonist would wish on a shooting star, today I’m going to write a scene from my antagonist’s secret admirer’s view point.



Julia is such a smart woman. Beautiful, elegant, refined and smart.

And I don’t stand a chance.

I am not feeling sorry for myself, it’s a given. She doesn’t even know my name, even if I have been working for her for years now; she notices me only when there’s an errand at hand and no one else is available.

I would like to have some of my colleague’s nerve. They often try to play up to her by buying her a coffee or carrying her bags or praising her looks, as if such a brilliant creature could be deceived by such trivial attempts. I am not like them. I keep my head down and do my job as fast and as precisely as possible. The only interest I mind to raise in her is of an intellectual kind. I want her to appreciate my mind, as much as I appreciate hers.

Sitting at my desk, in the far corner of the open space, I’m giving only half of my attention to the computer screen, because Julia has just come out from her office. Now she is standing near the door, talking with her personal assistant. I envy her personal assistant. He is a lucky man and doesn’t appreciate his luck. Only yesterday I overheard him complaining about how hard it is to work for her. Stupid jerk!

And to think that I applied for that position too! But I didn’t make a good impression at the job interview. I was too nervous and my attention was all captured by the beauty of her blue eyes. She was stunning and I didn’t manage to utter an intelligible word. I lost the opportunity, idiotic me!

But now I have a plan.

It’s true, I don’t stand a chance to catch her romantic interest but I can get nearer her. It’s all I want. And I know how to accomplish this.

From conversations I heard in fits and starts, I know Julia has something big going on. She doesn’t suspect anything, because I am almost invisible to her. She doesn’t know how much I have already discovered. But she will learn soon enough. And then she will be pleased with me.

Yes, dear Julia.

You will be.


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