Can you please stop putting us of? Thank you!

Do you have a passion? A goal? An objective? A purpose in life? Something you want to accomplish?

If the answer is yes, then good for you! I am happy for you, because having a purpose is something that makes life worth living. My wish is you manage to gain what you want, because you are amazing!

If the answer is no, you are lying. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s true: you are lying. Probably you don’t know yet what your passion is or maybe you are still struggling with yourself or simply you are not ready to share your passion with others. Don’t worry, sooner or later you’ll get to this point.

What happens when you feel sure enough of your passion?

You start talking about it, at first in a tentative way and then with more self-confidence. This may cause two kinds of reactions: some people will listen with interest (or at least they’ll feign interest) and will give you some encouraging words; other people will treat your passion, the thing that caused you to struggle with yourself and re-think your life, as a mere hobby.

For instance, writers are destined to hear things like this all the time…

<< Oh, yes. You are a writer. Cool! But what is your real job?

Ok, there are many writers who have another job too, but every writer (full-time or not) considers writing a real job. Don’t tell a writer, even an unpublished one, things like that unless you are searching for a very sophisticated form of suicide.

This is true not only for writing, but for every passion/goal/accomplishment. Once you start talking about it, there will always be someone ready to treat it as a trivial thing. Please, don’t let them discourage you, because you only know how important your passion is. They are not in your shoes.

Outer enemies are as bad as inner enemies, but they are easier to ignore. So, this is the solution: ignore them. Period.

Another thing.

Don’t be an enemy to others.

You know by experience how hard it is to find the confidence to talk about your passion, so don’t treate other’s dreams as unimportant. They may be of no consequence to you, but surely they are for the person you are talking to.

Be kind.

Be supportive.

And you may find people willing to support you too. To the face of damned detractors!


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4 thoughts on “Can you please stop putting us of? Thank you!

  1. I remember a time when I told no one I was writing…after Tribe/writers all that changed. Now I tell people about my WIP’s and yes I still get odd looks and disbelief, that I will never amount to anything. That in itself fuels the fire of productivity and I keep going Irene. Have a great day. Keep inspiring us.


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