Muffle and Spiffy – Writing Prompts #4

I know, I know… I told you that I would have been more constant with my writing and my posts here. I am truly sorry for keeping you waiting (because I’m sure you all spent the past weeks wondering about my absence from the web) and I promise I’ll try to make up for lost time.

No more chatting. I leave you to the Writing Prompt I choose this week.


If someone had told me, I would have turned my back to him with an elegant ruffle of my long tail without even giving an answer. Instead I am here in this garden with Muffle, looking at him while he runs after that stupid blue ball.

I don’t really understand what it is that he finds so entertaining in chasing the ball. Anyway… he likes it and if Muffle is happy, Spiffy is happy.

Yes, my name is Spiffy.

What can I say, my owner is a lady with a distorted sense of humor. Don’t be deceived by my name, I’m not one of those white long haired cat with a noble air, I’m just a simple European gray cat with a scar on my snout.

Hadn’t it been for Muffle, I wouldn’t be here now. I really was in trouble that day, one year ago, in that blind filthy alley. He appeared out of the blue, dragging an out-of-breath lady behind him, and put my mugger to flight.

Then he sat, just next to me, and refused to leave until the lady took me from the tarmac and brought me home with them.

At first it was gratitude.

I never really liked dogs, but I was grateful to Muffle for saving me first and for giving me a home after that. But now it’s different. It’s not gratitude anymore, not only at least.

It’s… humans call it… friendship.

This means that lend myself to this game with the ball, because I know that makes him happy, and he avoids drooling around my kennel, because he knows that I hate it.

Look at him! How enthusiastic he is running around in circles.

When he doesn’t behave like a fanatic of the running ball, he is quite elegant, not as much as a feline but quite elegant nonetheless, with his honey colored hair and his long snout. But the elegance goes away when he starts rolling over the grass or when he shows all of his teeth when he grins in that funny way.

Muffle is servile with his lady owner to a degree I don’t completely understand but until she is kind with us, it’s fine for me.

Oh, he is coming my way with the ball.

<< Hey, Spiffy.

<< Hey, Muffle.

<< Another round?

Be patient Spiffy!

<< Great, let’s go!

What we don’t do for friends!


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