Reward yourself, you deserve it!

Are you tired of struggling for your passion? Do you start thinking that it’s not worth the effort? Or do you just need a little incentive, a small push in the right direction?

There are those times, when you feel like giving up despite everything else. Because, as we already said, not giving up is hard, it’s a matter of practice and you have a lot of enemies to fight, inside and outside yourself.

Ok, then. It’s time for a break and a reward.

Don’t worry your passion or goal or whatever it is won’t go anywhere, but you need a pause. Chasing your objectives doesn’t mean that you have to struggle all the time. When it’s too difficult you can let go for a while, have a rest and reward yourself for everything you already did.


There isn’t just one right way and it doesn’t have to be something big. Everyone has his unique way of rewarding himself, you just have to find something that suits you (maybe you already know).

For instance… have a break and take a walk to the park, go to the bookstore and buy some new volumes (this always works for me), go shopping and buy that dress you saw in that window, cook something yummy and eat it all (or share it with others if you want)… whatever you want will do.

After rewarding yourself a little for everything you’ve done, you can go back to your goal with more energy, more focus and a new motivation.

You know what… this reward thing also works with tasks we don’t like. I use it constantly. When I have something boring to do, I keep telling myself things like “Ok, Irene. Just one more floor to clean and then you can read a chapter of your novel” or “Once you finish this hundred photocopy you can eat that delicious croissant you brought with you”.

It may sound silly, but it works!

Try it and then let me know if it helped you. In the mean time, thank you for reading my blog!


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