One lovely blog award! What’s that?

one lovely blog award


Have you ever heard about One Lovely Blog Award?

It’s nothing official, it’s an award blogger decide to give to other bloggers to show their appreciation and support.

How does it works? Well, there are a few simple rules:

  1. you have to be nominated by another blogger.
  2. once you have been nominated, you can blog about the award if you want but remember, you have to mention the person who nominated you!
  3. you can do nomination yourself, from one up to 15 or so other bloggers. Once your post is out, you can let the other bloggers learn about the nomination.
  4. finally you have to share 7 things about yourself.

Anything else? I don’t think so… Easy, right?

So, why am I talking about this?

Because I have been nominated by lovely Cinta Garcia de la Rosa!

Cinta is an amazing blogger. Her corner is probably the most active among the blog I follow. She is author both of adult fiction and children stories. Her book “The Funny Adventures of Little Nani”  is Reader’s Favourite Book Award finalist! You can learn more about her writing at Cinta’s Corner and her other blogs: Indie Authors you want to read and I can’t stop reading.

I was surprised and extremely proud that Cinta, who is always super-busy writing, editing, translating and proofreading (by the way, did I tell you that she is a professional editor and translator too?), took the time to read and mention my blog for this award. She definitely made my day.

Now… seven things about me (I promise I’ll keep it brief):

1. Without my glasses I’m lost, I can’t see anything.

2. I hate vinegard, I can’t stand its smell and it took me years to learn not to run from the room when someone uses it.

3. I can’t be on a diet, I love food too much.

4. I am a master at procrastination, but when I finally put my butt on the chair it’s difficult to tear me from my writing.

5. People always find me arrogant when they first meet me.

6. Beside writing, I love shopping.

7. It’s not a good idea to talk to me in the morning, at least not before I have breakfast.

And now… here are my nominations in no particular order:

Sophie Andrews and her blog Laughing with Lizzie. I met her through our common passion for everything Jane Austen related and her blog is paradise for every Janeite in the world.

Linda Tharp and her blog Footnotes. Do you like running? This is the place for you. If you don’t this is the place for you all the same, because Linda’s post are always inspiring and powerful.

Devani Anjali Alderson’s blog provides a lot of food for thoughts and her posts never fail to make me ponder. Moreover she often gives great advice. That’s why she deserves a nomination.

Penny Tyler is an amazing blogger and author that never fails to make me laugh (I really envy her sense of humor). Her blog is definitely worth following!

Lorna Faith’s blog is called Raw Story Life and this name is self explanatory. Her writing and the stories she shares with her readers are intense and inspiring.

Staci Smith Troilo is a writer and editor whose blog is full of book reviews, samples of her writing, toughts and a journal. An interesting reading, believe me!

And last but not least, Stacy Claflin’s blog is the place where you can find out everything about all of her series of novels, such as the Transformed Series. If you like young adult, you may find her site interesting.

That’s all!

There are a lot of other amazing blog around the net and I’m sure I probably committed some injustice but these are the blogs that came to my mind first. Others I left out because I know they already have been nominated by someone else.

Thanks again to Cinta for the nomination, I loved to write this post.


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