Why do you write stupid stories?

Photo Credit: alohi21 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: alohi21 via Compfight cc

Why do you read so many novels? Do they have any meaning?

Have you ever heard this kind of questions?

I had.

Someone also told me that listening to music is a waste of time and more than one had the nerve to ask me “Why do you write stories? They are just that… stories, aren’t they?”.

No. They aren’t.

And if you give me a second I’ll explain why.

As you might have heard, lately I have eventually found a job in a laboratory. Even if it’s exactly what I studied for, the first confrontation with the job wasn’t easy and the feeling of being useless made me really nervous (which means that anxiety was literally eating me alive). What happened every day was this: I went to bed thinking about my job, I dreamt about work all night long and I woke up even more distressed than the day before. It was panic. Pure, paralysing panic that required a drastic effort not to curl up in a corner and squeak. Untill… I managed somehow to drag my body out of bed and do everyday’s tasks.

You know, every morning I try to do everything else quickly in order to have a quarter of an hour for breakfast and reading a novel. Well, during those days opening my book and read a few lines was enough to leave my kitchen and my fears behind and enter a different world. That was my first anxiety-free moment in hours.

The second moment of this kind was when I got on my car and turned on the radio. I usually listen to the same program, because the newscasters often pull a laugh out of me and I like the music. The mixture of music and irony had the power of calm me down and put things into the right perspective again. In those days more than ever I had the chance to appreciate the activity of entertainers, who do their job to entertain others, even if they are tired, angry or sad.

When I need comfort I truly value musicians and writers capable of creating such awsomeness that make me forget about problems and worries, even if for a moment only. And so… yes, entertainment is important, it truly have value.

This is why I write stupid stories.

Because I found out for myself, I know the power of a story and if my stories have the same effect even on one person, I will consider my mission accomplished.

What about you? Have you ever experienced the power of a story? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Why do you write stupid stories?

  1. I’ve experienced the power of a story many times. Books and stories have the power to transport us into places we’ve never been, situations we’ve never encountered, and help us to “escape” the harsh reality of life. I think we need to continue writing those “stupid” stories.

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  2. Keep writing those stories Irene. I would be lost without my books to read and my stories to write. I think its a blast that we can do what we want. Hope the new job is going well. The world is our pond to dream in and dream big we will.

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