Three inventions that would make any writer happy

It happened to me. It probably happened to you.

I’m talking about one of those moments when you think “I so wish I have a …!”. Well then. This is my top three list of inventions that would make me really really happy (sending not-so-subliminal message to inventors all over the world).

If you are a writer they would probably make you happy too.

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

#3 Never ending ink: I’m quite sure that you have or had one. The perfect pen. The one which flows on the page like water on silk. The one you don’t want to end. Never. So why shouldn’t we have a never ending pen? At least once in a life, a writer should have the chance to exercise his right to have an endless pen. Where’s my never ending perfect pen???

Photo Credit: tinka516 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: tinka516 via Compfight cc

#2 Windscreen-camera: you’re in your car, driving to your work place or your children’s school and you don’t have time to stop, but the scenery is so… It can be anything: so beautiful that takes your breath away, so ugly that you can’t believe your eyes, so chaotic that makes you feel claustrophobic, so sad that breaks your heart. The point is that you want to capture the image, because it inspires you a scene, a story or a whole new project. That’s the moment when you start wishing for a windscreen-camera, one able to fix the moment, exactly how you see it and possibly even with the smells you perceive. Wouldn’t it be the most incredible writing tool ever? No, there’s one even greater…

Photo Credit: sanpokai via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: sanpokai via Compfight cc

#1 From mind to paper: it happens often, too often, and it’s frustrating, too frustrating. You’re doing something (working, doing the dishes, driving, buying bread at the grocery) and you have this striking idea, almost a revelation, but… you can’t stop doing what you’re doing or (shame on you!) you don’t have pen and paper, or you don’t manage to convey on paper what’s on your mind. In that moment you crave a device, a microchip, some kind of brain implant that can transfer your thoughts directly in written form. Confess: how much you would be willing to pay for such an instrument? I think I’ll give my… well, not my soul but… anyway…

Now tell me, what would you like engineers to invent for you? Unchain your imagination and share in the comments!

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