40 reasons why do I write #challenge

A few days ago I saw this post on positivewriter.com: 40 reasons why do you write. Beside listing the author's 40 reasons, the post asks writers to take the challenge, write 40 reasons and post on your blog. How could I resist? At first I thought finding 40 would prove difficult, but in the end once … Continue reading 40 reasons why do I write #challenge

Can you pretend to be someone else?

A few days ago a friend of mine who's also a writer, Joan Hall, got me involved in a "game" on Twitter. We had to describe our WIP (work in progress) in three words. This was the result... "Always be yourself" were the first three words that I came up with and a second later I … Continue reading Can you pretend to be someone else?

A writer’s desk #writingnook

How do you imagine a writer's desk? A huge mahogany table enlightened by a sunbeam coming from a bow window? A modern desk covered in notes from which the shape of a laptop surfaces? Or a piece of furniture, tidy and clean, with just a laptop, a notebook, a pen and some literary award? However … Continue reading A writer’s desk #writingnook

Short movies and illusions #inspiration

Where does the idea for a story come from? To tell you the truth, as a reader, I never really think about it. When a good story grabs my attention, it's unusual for me to linger about its genesis. As a writer though I'm always well aware of what inspire my stories and I often … Continue reading Short movies and illusions #inspiration

The heroes of early morning

Let’s debunk a myth. It’s not that early risers doesn’t like to sleep. They appreciate a full eight hours night of sleep like everyone else. The reason why they get up early to get stuff done is not some masochistic game, it’s just that: they want to get stuff done. And they know they’re more … Continue reading The heroes of early morning

Writer, come home! Join #TribeWriters2.0

A few days ago, when I first logged in the brand new version of Tribe Writers from my smartphone, the first sentence I saw was this: You are here: Home. I knew that the sentence was about my position in the website, but this made me smile, because that's how Tribe Writers make me feel: … Continue reading Writer, come home! Join #TribeWriters2.0

Three key rules I learnt about Twitter

Was I to tell you how much conservative and lazy I am when it comes to new technologies and communication media you wouldn’t believe it. Still, I am. Every time a new social network, a new platform or a new technological gadget hits the net, I’m like “Oh, for God’s sake, I just learnt how … Continue reading Three key rules I learnt about Twitter

Facing the truth

Wanting to be a writer is clearly not enough to become one. And inspiration alone will lead you to nowhere. Being a writer requires a lot of hard work, commitment and sacrifice. It’s difficult, but not impossible. If you made choices that had nothing to do with writing in your life, it’s even more difficult. … Continue reading Facing the truth

Overcrowded schedule and overcrowded mind #whatImwriting

As you may have understood by now, I’m not good at making my life easier. I already had a crowded schedule with my job, this blog, my ongoing projects and the job as a translator. You may think that this would have been enough. But I can’t let an opportunity for writing more slip away. … Continue reading Overcrowded schedule and overcrowded mind #whatImwriting

Choose to Keep Writing the Words You Love #GuestPost by Lorna Faith

Today I'm proud and happy to host a guest post by Lorna Faith, friend and writer who wants to help other writers finding their voices and their purpose. I don't want to steal time and attention from her important message, so no more chatting! Happy reading! ___ Recently I’ve read a couple of blogs from … Continue reading Choose to Keep Writing the Words You Love #GuestPost by Lorna Faith

Only trust writers who reads a lot #whatImreading

Tell me... ...would you trust a chef who doesn’t eat? Or a singer who doesn’t listen to music? I don’t think so. Then why should you trust a writer who doesn’t read? A few days ago I was thinking about this and I realised that lately I’ve been reading far less than I used to. I … Continue reading Only trust writers who reads a lot #whatImreading

Make your newsletter the one you would be happy to receive

Wherever I turn, I see newsletters and requests to subscribe to mailing lists of all sorts (there’s even one at the top of my page, isn’t it weird?). There are a lot (A LOT) of influential voices who strongly sustain the importance, rather the absolute need, of setting a mailing list to connect with your … Continue reading Make your newsletter the one you would be happy to receive

The micracle of accountability

Yesterday I was at lunch and, as usual on Friday, I was wondering about my next blog post. Let’s face the truth, I’m not consistent at blogging. I try very hard to plan in advance, to decide what to write, to establish branches and folow them but in the end I often feel like I … Continue reading The micracle of accountability