Technical language – Writing nightmare #10

Roy Peter Clark in Writing Tools says that America is a nation of writers (and I think this can apply to every nation) because everyone has to write reports, memos, announcements and messages for business, professions, education. In his book Clark’s aim is to give writers of all kind the tools for a better writing, … Continue reading Technical language – Writing nightmare #10

Science in little things #3 – Hairstyle

This time I think women will understand me better than men, anyway... Do you know that dissatisfaction you experience while looking at your hair? They never look like you want them to. When they are long, you would like to cut them. After you have them cut, you wish them to grow again as fast … Continue reading Science in little things #3 – Hairstyle

Science in little things #2 – Dish washing

Unless you are monstrously rich or incredibly lucky (or both) you have to do the washing up, right? Quite a boring task, that includes drenching your cuffs, geting dry hands and dealing with filthy objects.  Personally, doing the dishes is not the housework I hate the most (the one I really can't stand is dusting), … Continue reading Science in little things #2 – Dish washing

Science in little things #1 – Making a cup of tea

The other day I was making tea. I have developed a liking for tea since I had to reduce the daily amount of coffee I introduce in my poor body and, while I was preparing my afternoon cup, I suddenly thought about how much science I can see in a simple cup of tea. Then … Continue reading Science in little things #1 – Making a cup of tea

Stop bullying chemistry!

Think about chemical agents. What does it come to your mind? A little 007 in black suit? My name is Bond. Chemical Bond. Polluted suburbs with smoky chimneys, black clouds and people walking in the streets wearing masks? Or crazy scientists preparing deadly mixtures in a dark lab under the stairs? If this is what comes to … Continue reading Stop bullying chemistry!