Writer, come home! Join #TribeWriters2.0

A few days ago, when I first logged in the brand new version of Tribe Writers from my smartphone, the first sentence I saw was this: You are here: Home. I knew that the sentence was about my position in the website, but this made me smile, because that's how Tribe Writers make me feel: … Continue reading Writer, come home! Join #TribeWriters2.0

The micracle of accountability

Yesterday I was at lunch and, as usual on Friday, I was wondering about my next blog post. Let’s face the truth, I’m not consistent at blogging. I try very hard to plan in advance, to decide what to write, to establish branches and folow them but in the end I often feel like I … Continue reading The micracle of accountability

Doors – An unedited first draft

Writing without editing at the same time is something hard, because we tend to over-check our writing, denying us the pleasure of  letting words to flow freely on the page. We also know that first draft are often as bad as writing can be, that's why sharing an unedited first draft is somehow scary. However, … Continue reading Doors – An unedited first draft

Hushing the beast

She doesn’t even need to open her eyes to realize. She can feel it. It’s there again. That creeping panic, that irrational fear, that anxiety that plunges its claws in her flesh. A savage and furious beast, a ravenous, ruthless and noisy beast, who brushes her consciousness edges, waiting for her to awake completely before … Continue reading Hushing the beast