This is not what it looks like – Writing Prompt #5

  It's been a while since I published a Writing Prompt short story, but here we go again! As always thank you to Writers Write for the input. Enjoy!     << This is not what it looks like - I grab the boy’s harm before he leaves. The boy looks at me with clear … Continue reading This is not what it looks like – Writing Prompt #5

Muffle and Spiffy – Writing Prompts #4

I know, I know… I told you that I would have been more constant with my writing and my posts here. I am truly sorry for keeping you waiting (because I’m sure you all spent the past weeks wondering about my absence from the web) and I promise I’ll try to make up for lost … Continue reading Muffle and Spiffy – Writing Prompts #4

Forbidden love – Writing Prompt #3

Hello readers and happy Monday! Today I'm going to choose another Writing Prompt from Writers Write about an antagonist. Last week I wrote about what my antagonist would wish on a shooting star, today I'm going to write a scene from my antagonist's secret admirer's view point. Enjoy!   Julia is such a smart woman. Beautiful, … Continue reading Forbidden love – Writing Prompt #3

Shooting star – Writing Prompt #2

Good morning readers! Today's post is the second in the Writing Prompt's series! Thank you again to Writers Write for letting me use their pictures. This post is just a little shot and not a proper short story. I don't know if it will make to the final version, but it can be part of … Continue reading Shooting star – Writing Prompt #2

The funeral – Writing Prompt #1

Hallo readers! Today I start a new series of posts. I'll be writing a piece of fiction each Monday, taking the cue from Writer Writes's Writing Prompts. This is the prompt I choose for today's piece. Enjoy!     After all the effort it took to stay focused and keep my spirit on this planet, … Continue reading The funeral – Writing Prompt #1