Translator Sevices: Eng-Ita

As you may have read in some of my previous posts, beside being a writer, I’m also a translator. I mainly translate from English into Italian, but also from Italian to English for short documents.

You can find me on Babelcube, a platform that allows writers to upload their books and have them translated for free. The translator gets part of the royalties from the sales of the translated version.

My profile page on Babelcube

If you are interested in having something translated by me, contact me via private message from my profile page!

As an alternative, you can contact me directly, by compiling this form. Tell me something about the book, story, post, letter, document you want me to translate, how many word it is, when do you need it done and possibly provide a sample. I’ll contact you back with timing and pricing information.

Finally for mailing list subscriber only I’m doing a special service: free counselling about Italian language, expressions and culture for the references in your novels, short stories or posts!


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