This week I have been on an adventure.

I hit the road and had an incredible journey with a bunch of authors and readers. We all followed Story Empire’s authors in their Roadshow with their Traveling Library Bookmobile.

Following this adventure we have been to several different places. We have met Driscoll Lake inhabitants with Joan Hall. We have discovered many things about the Medici Protectorate with Staci Troilo. We have been to Eclipse Lake with Mae Clair. We have learnt a lot about Harmony Kent‘s many facets in writing. We have met Craig Boyack and his cool assistant. And finally we entered a new realm where a bow can change everything with P. H. Solomon.

Why am I talking about this? Because following a blog tour so assiduously is unusual for me.

Despite being a blogger myself and knowing the importance of visits and likes and shares and comments, I’m often negligent in following other blogs. Limited time for reading, scarce interest in the topics or simply laziness, I usually lost interest fast, unless the topic is writing related and has practical tips.

This time however I was caught from the very concept of it. When I saw Story Empire announcing a roadshow I was intrigued. Were they really going around from place to place meeting readers?

More or less. They decided to tour each other’s blog and meet each other’s readers for a week. As cool as it would have been for them to phisically travel from place to place, I am glad the tour was a virtual one because I enjoyed it immensely.

ItΒ was the chance for me not only to follow already beloved authors but to meet new ones, to discover new blogs and authors and to stuff my Kindle and my to-read shelf with amazing new titles (they are all so intriguing I don’t know where to begin).

The tour is now at an end but you can find everything that happened here. Don’t miss the chance to meet these authors. They are great, really passionate about what they do and deserve all possible attention.

Good read!





10 thoughts on “Roadshow at Story Empire

  1. Irene, thank you so much for your support throughout our roadshow and for posting this today! You are awesome. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the tour so much! Wishing you every good thing, Harmony x πŸ™‚

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  2. Irene, it’s been so great meeting you during our Roadshow tour. I started following your blog the first day but for some reason didn’t receive notification of this post. As soon as I post this comment, I’m going to see what is out of whack with my settings.

    Your support during the tour was awesome, but more than that, I’m thoroughly delighted to have “met” you and I look forward to much more from you and your blog. Happy Sunday!

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