A few days ago I saw this post on positivewriter.com: 40 reasons why do you write. Beside listing the author’s 40 reasons, the post asks writers to take the challenge, write 40 reasons and post on your blog.

How could I resist?

At first I thought finding 40 would prove difficult, but in the end once I started writing them down… Don’t worry! I limited myself to 40.

Here we go!

1. I like it.

2. I like the sound of the keyboard while I type.

3. I have tried not to but it proved impossible.

4. Writing both in form of fiction and non fiction help me clarify my thoughts.

5. I like creating characters.

6. I love building new worlds.

7. I like the idea of creating something out of nothing.

8. I want to leave some knd of legacy in the world. (presumptuous of me, huh?)

9. I like to tell stories but I’m shy and I don’t like to talk in front of an audience of any sort, so I prefer to write them.

10. It gives me purpose.

11. It’s one of the two reasons I get up every morning. (curious to know what is the other one?)

12. I think I have a message worth sharing. (presumptuous again)

13. I have been writing since I was five and I can’t stop.

14. I believe I’m good at it. (or so I have often been told by my literature teacher at high school and certainly I can’t disappoint her)

15. I think the written form is the way I suits me most to convey my message.

16. I dearly love to read and would like to give the same kind of entertainment to my readers.

17. There are too many ideas in my head and I simply have to put them on paper.

18. I used to play with imaginary friends but then they told me I was too grown up for that, so I use them in my stories.

19. I’d like to write full time so the more I write the more probable it becomes.

20. It’s a form of expression everyone can enjoy at his own pace and it feels liberating. (one of the oldest forms of on demand entertainment)

21. It’s the best way I know to explore all the “what if…” possibilities that perpetually comes to my mind.

22. It gives me the perfect excuse to read a lot (hey, I’m doing research), buy more novel than I can read (I can’t possibly ignore my competitors), buy a lot of notebooks and journals (at least white paper is something I never waste).

23. It gives me an excuse to compile endless to-do lists (I love to do lists).

24. Reality is boring at best, disquieting at worse. My imagination is a better place to live in.

25. I am envious of those who write for a living and this push me forward like nothing else.

26. I met some amazing people through writing and I bet there are a lot more out there.

27. I love setting goals and reach them. Watching that word count bar growing is so satisfying.

28. I like when others come to me with a writing problem. It makes me feel like an expert of sorts.

29. I love to live in a realm of endless possibilities.

30. I love that those endless possibilities are all ruled by fiction laws.

31. I have experienced the power of good writing on my skin and I’m so arrogant to hope to be able to do the same some day.

32. Nothing makes me feel the sense of accomplishment like writing The End on something.

33. I don’t want to die with the regret of not being a writer.

34. I want to prove to myself and all.my detractors I can do it.

35. My heart pounds a little faster when someone talks about writing and I can’t ignore this.

36. My stomach churns when I hear or read grammar mistakes. (#grammarnazirule)

37. I am willing to face large crowds only when it comes to books. Writing helps me overcome my misanthropy.

38. I usually hate to reread my writing, but sometimes I love it and when I love it is incredibly satisfying.

39. When I tried not to write I felt physically ill.

40. Should there really be a reason? I just want to do it.

So if you are a writer, which are your 40 whys?

3 thoughts on “40 reasons why do I write #challenge

  1. What do you think about journalists who have to churn out stuff week in and week out, or professional musicians who sit night after night in the orchestral pits. Is not true that when writing becomes a necessity it becomes a burden? I’m fairly well read but I have heard of those who make huge lists of books to wade through ; surely a recipe for boredom. Imagine starting to read Bleak House and being unable to reject the experience after a few chapters because it’s on your list. Or being forced to listen to Debussy with his torrents of notes when you long for a little Mozart.


    1. I can’t say for journalists since I’m not one, but I’ve studied music for years at the local Conservatory. I liked it, even loved it, but it wasn’t my passion and when I had to do it seriously it actually became a burden. However I saw some (a few, actually) of my school mates, who were really passionate about it, go through their studies without feeling the burden, not the way I did. They turned the music into their life because it was what they really want to do.
      I think it’s the same for writers. If it’s truly your passion, it can’t be a burden (especially if you have tried other careers before and found yourself stuck).
      Sure, you are bound to find parts of the job you don’t like. For me is promoting myself (I’d rather pay someone to do it for me if I could afford it), for others it’s the editing stage or the outlining stage.
      The pressure of creating valuable content to make a living with is surely a thing to consider. But when you love doing something and know how unsatisfying the alternative feels, I think you can manage through it.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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